Environmental, Social and Governance 2023 Corporate Social Responsibility Report: Valuing Our Communities

Welcome to our 2023 Corporate Social Responsibility Report! The information and stories in this report convey a simple yet powerful theme: In working to advance our values, we seek to build value for all of our stakeholders.

These values are fundamental to our business strategy where we seek to deliver sustainable, long-term shareholder value through top-tier performance.

This year’s report includes the results of our first Stakeholder Perspectives Assessment, which we conducted to better understand the varying viewpoints on sustainability and which sustainability factors might impact our long-term financial success.

We encourage you to review the 2023 CSR Report to learn more about how our values are reflected in our commitment to customers, employees, communities, the environment and responsible governance.

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Gender Diversity of Fulton Financial Corporation Directors


Racial Diversity of Fulton Financial Corporation Directors


Director Independence of Fulton Financial Corporation Directors

Bringing Value to our Communities

For more than 140 years, Fulton has served as a pillar in the communities we serve. We support products and programs that provide access and affordability to homeownership, education and career opportunities. We make impact grants through the Fulton Forward Foundation that uplift nonprofit organizations, and our team members are committed to volunteering. We recognize that when our communities thrive, we thrive.

To learn more, please see Bringing Value to our Communities in the 2023 CSR Report.

Delivering Value to our Customers

Helping our customers achieve their financial and personal goals drives our teams daily. We put customers first by creating products, services and solutions that meet their needs and help change their lives for the better. This commitment extends to our work with consumers, small businesses, commercial customers, and financial planning and investment clients. One of our key initiatives in 2023 was the launch of Diverse Business Banking, to accelerate our outreach to businesses that have historically been underserved.

To learn more, please see Delivering Value to our Customers in the 2023 CSR Report.

Valuing our Employees

Our employees are the heart and soul of our company, and every success we experience begins with them. We support our teammates each day through our corporate culture, The Fulton Experience, and our commitment to employee training and development as well as diversity, equity and inclusion. We further express our core principles in a newly-adopted Human Rights Statement, included in this year’s CSR Report.

To learn more, please see Valuing our Employees in the 2023 CSR Report.

Sustaining our Environment

We are aware of the environmental footprint we leave behind, and we consistently look for ways to reduce our impact — whether that’s through energy usage, waste disposal or land management. This commitment also encompasses our work on climate-related risk management, support for our customers’ sustainability journeys and engagement with our suppliers on sustainability.

To learn more, please see Sustaining our Environment in the 2023 CSR Report.

Leading with Governance

One of our company’s core values is to do what is right, indicative of our uncompromising commitment to ethical conduct and integrity in every endeavor, big or small. Governance at Fulton Financial Corporation starts at the top, with our Board of Directors, our Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, and executive leadership team. Our policies and procedures encompass a wide range of topics including business ethics, risk management, cybersecurity, customer privacy and data security, anti-fraud measures, business continuity and compliance.

To learn more, please see Leading with Governance in the 2023 CSR Report.

Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) / ESG Metrics

To view our 2022-2023 Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) metrics and other related ESG metrics,
please visit Fulton Bank’s CSR page which may be found