Dividend Reinvestment Plan

Dividend Reinvestment

The Stockholder Dividend Reinvestment Plan and Stock Purchase Plan provides shareholders of the Fulton Financial Corporation with a convenient and economical method of investing cash dividends and optional cash payments in additional shares of Fulton Financial Corporation common stock

  • The Plan provides shareholders of Fulton Financial Corporation with the opportunity to reinvest their dividends automatically in additional shares of common stock.
  • Participants' funds are fully utilized through the crediting of fractional shares to their accounts under the Plan.
  • Participants may acquire additional shares of Fulton Financial Corporation common stock by making optional cash payments.
  • Participants receive periodic statements of all transactions for their accounts under the Plan.


Fulton Financial Advisors, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fulton Financial Corporation, administers the Plan as agent for the participants, and in such capacity sends periodic statements of account to participants and performs other administrative duties relating to the Plan. Shares purchased for a participant under the Plan are held by Fulton Financial Advisors. For additional information, including a copy of the prospectus for the plan and an authorization form, please call 1-800-626-0255.


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